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Top 10 Hilarious Locker Room Scenes

If there's one place that should and does see the most shenanigans ensue, it's the locker room. From pranks to bizarre exchanges and fighting, all the funny stuff seems to happen off the field. Just to be clear, and so there aren't any surprises, this list includes the entire locker room, including the communal showers. Join as we count down our picks the top 10 hilarious locker room scenes. Special thanks to our user Qadeer Khan for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page!

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Top 10 Hilarious Locker Room Scenes

These scenes are all about snappy dialog and snapping towels. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks the top 10 hilarious locker room scenes.

Just to be clear, this list includes the entire locker room, including the communal showers.

#10- Dropping The Soap “I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry” (2007)

Told you it included the showers, and that’s where we’ll start our countdown! In this scene, Adam Sandler and Kevin James play two firemen who have decided on a sham gay marriage to reap the financial benefits. Unintended side effects include some blatant workplace homophobia , as well as inspiring the resident bad ass to come out of the closet, loud and proud.

#9- Locker Room Sacrifice “Major League” (1989)

Everyone knows that athletes can be very superstitious. In this case, the team’s outfielder Cerrano practices Voodoo, asking favors of Jubu in order to gain the power to hit curve balls. This requires a ritual sacrifice of cigars and rum. He also uses theatrics, as he believes that the bats are alive. This guy takes his beliefs very seriously, so you better not even think of stealing Jubu’s rum.

#8- You’re Blowing it! “Slap Shot” (1977)

This is the hockey film that defined the genre for decades! Here the Chief’s, the minor league team that could, is berated by their coach for underperforming on the ice. Revealing that scouts are watching and have contracts to sign, they realize what’s at stake thanks to his constructive criticism. Thankfully, they decide to shift gears and act on his advice immediately.

#7- Pep Talk “North Dallas Forty” (1979)

From Hockey to Football! While this isn’t a comedy per say, it does have some hysterical moments relating to motivation. From a quarterback practicing tackles on vending machine, to the assistant coach complimenting his boys. However it’s the way the team gets it’s enforcer Joe Bob to psych himself up and ready to chew out the competition that’s the standout locker spectacle.

#6- Glue Prank “Police Academy 2” (1985)

If there’s one thing the boys in blue are remembered for, its pulling pranks on commanding officers who don’t treat them well! Here, Mahoney gets back at Lieutenant Mauser for placing him on traffic duty by swapping his shampoo for super glue. Stumbling out with soap in his eyes, Mauser threatens his men before Jones pretends to be a canine hoping to play ball, forcing him into pubic, I mean public eye.

#5- Feedback “Hellboy 2: The Golden Army” (2008)

Okay we’ve gone long enough without some superhero material, or a good locker room fight… so let’s do both! Here, Hellboy is just trying to unwind when his superior, a disembodied German vapor spirit in a containment suit, pushes all of his buttons. Making a point that Hellboy’s temper is his greatest weakness; it leads Big Red to accidentally strike his colleague. Oh well, time for a beer…or maybe not!

#4- Crotch Block “Crazy, Stupid Love” (2011)

If there’s anyone in this world who I would trust to give me advice on how to be sexier and more confident, it’s probably Ryan Gosling. However, I may think twice about after seeing just how in your face he is while instructing Steve Carell. His advice must be hard to follow though, seeing as his student nods off.

#3- Helmet “Goon” (2011)

Locker room jokes are par for the course when you’re a hockey player. Here, one player gets pissed when his helmet goes missing, the very same that he has adorned with images of his own mother. Leave it to the Russkie players to have tag team fun with her. Of course, it’s all a bit random!

#2- Shit Bomb “Men At Work” (1990)

Leaving the realm of sports once again is this epic prank fail attempted on Emilio Estevez, a troublemaking garbage man. When the trap rigged in his locker by mischievous coworkers fails to detonate, they just have to see what went wrong! Big mistake! Talk about a shitty plan backfiring.

#1- Peek Hole “Porky’s” (1982)

Taking the top spot on our list is the locker room scene that grabs and doesn’t let go! Here, the gang decides to camp out at some peek holes into the girl’s shower room. When one finds himself stuck with an obstructed view, he losses his temper! With their cover blown, they discover that the girls dig the voyeurism, leading one of the gang to go balls to the wall for a laugh. Unfortunately for him, the coach arrives in time to handle the situation.

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