Top 10 Gratuitous Nude Movie Scenes

If there's one vice movies have, it's showing too much for too little a reason. Shock value, laughs, awkwardness and eye candy seem to be the only reasons for actors to disrobe for the camera, and we're here to point out the scenes that go too far. Just to be explicitly clear, we’re singling out the scenes that seem to have added nudity for pure shock value. Translation: hot actors are not necessarily involved. Join as we count down the top 10 gratuitous nude scenes.

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Top 10 Gratuitous Nude Movie Scenes

I didn’t need to see that... Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 gratuitous nude scenes.

Just to be explicitly clear, we’re singling out the scenes that seem to have added nudity for pure shock value. Translation: hot actors are not necessarily involved. To make this kosher, we’ve taken the liberty of censoring body parts. Relax, you’ll thank us later.

#10- Will Ferrell “Old School” (2003)

Kicking off our list is the scene that best encapsulates Ferrell’s enthusiasm for baring it all in pretty much every movie he’s in. As Frank “the Tank”, Frank gets tanked at college party and tries to recruit followers for a streaking run. Just like in real life, everyone turns a blind eye to his shame. We get the joke, but maybe this it dragged on a bit too long? There’s only so much man ass anyone can be wiling to watch. That being said, strap in folks: we got 9 more of these.

#9- Kathy Bates “About Schmidt” (2002)

I don’t know about you, but Kathy Bates, isn’t the first actress I would equate with a hot tub seduction scene. Here she plays a divorcee going after Jack Nicholson, who plays a widower. While there’s nothing wrong with the actual bathing, Kathy does completely disrobe to join Nicholson, which in some countries could be considered a form of advanced interrogation. His face says it all. We’re with you Jack, oh thank god for that bathing suit. Ugh, nevermind, 8 more to go.

#8- Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton “Something’s Gotta Give” (2003)

And you though you were safe from Jack Nicholson’s ass hahahha you FOOL. Wouldn’t be a romantic comedy starring old people if we didn’t see some senior tush, amirite? Here, Nicholson plays a wealthy music mogul who finally falls for a woman within his age range. This leads him to walk in on a nude middle aged Diane Keaton. Judging by her reaction, maybe she didn’t read the script carefully enough before accepting the part…

#7- Bruce Willis “Color of the Night” (1994)

Apparently Willis doesn’t just die hard! In this thriller, Willis begins a relationship with a mysterious girl, which soon prompts soft-core porn flick. Sure, we expected some eroticism, but did we need to have a four minute sex-capade shot with an underwater camera, as well as a glance at Bruce’s’ Willis? It even continues inside the house, randomly transitions to gliders flying around outside only to then continue in a shower. We get it, they had A LOT of sex.

#6- Terry Bradshaw “Failure to Launch” (2006)

In this flick, Matthew McConaughey plays a grown man who finally moves out of his parent’s house, so you’d figure he’s be the star to bare some skin. Instead, he comes to discover that his dad has turned his space into a naked room. The jokes on any sports fans that were conned into seeing this, since few things as off-putting as seeing a bald sports commentator feeding his fish in the nude. Why did women like this movie again?

#5- Linnea Quigley “The Return of the Living Dead” (1985)

To be blunt, all horror films, especially those from the 80s, feature some gratuitous nudity. It’s a horror movie staple, and cliché we dig. However this zombie flick took things to the next level by having a sadistic punk rocker chick perform a striptease for her gang in a cemetery. Even more puzzling, she did it while recounting her fantasy about being eaten alive. I know what you’re thinking, the writers weren’t even trying were they? Of course, she eventually gets her wish.

#4- Philip Seymour Hoffman “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead” (2007)

If there’s a worse way to kick off a film than with an ass shot of Philip Seymour Hoffman, we haven’t found it yet. Okay fine they’re supposed to be married and it’s technically just another sex scene, but how many people do you figure turned this movie off immediately upon seeing that? Lead with a little backstory, then cut to the backside, don’t these people know anything?

#3 – Britt Ekland “The Wicker Man” (1973)

Another scene from the horror genre, this is an even greater head scratcher. Here, a man is summoned to a mysterious island by an anonymous letter, where he discovers a matriarchal pagan society run by bizarre cult of women. There, this engaged and devote Christian ends up having fight temptation, as he somehow senses that the Inn Keeper’s daughter is sending him sexual vibes through the wall. Then we cut to the other side of the wall, we’re she’s doing pretty much that, pagan dance and all. Was this really necessary to the plot? Do we care?

#2- Jason Segel “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (2008)

Segel is a funny guy. But even he can go a little too far for a laugh. Epitomizing the comfort that one develops in a long-term relationship, he greets his partner with the old floppy windwill. So far so good, since we can’t see anything anyways. However when it becomes clear that she’s dumping she dumps him, he simply stops giving a damn and lets that towel drop. It can probably be argued that his nudity is meant to symbolize his own emotional vulnerability here, but in practice it really pushes the awkward level to new heights. Side note, Jason Segal wrote this movie, so he really, really wanted to show you this.

#1- Sasha Baron Cohen and Ken Davitian “Borat” (2006)

And the prize for the most gratuitous nude scene ever recorded goes to these crazy Kazakhstani caricatures. Here, Borat catches his manager admiring his prized Pamela Anderson magazine. This causes a balls to the wall fight in which they don’t even censor Davitian, while hilariously over censoring Cohen. We get that it’s a joke going for shock value, but this scene is interminable visual torture.

Agree with our list? Which nude scene did you find over the top, unappealing or unnecessary? For more lists that bare it all, go ahead and subscribe to

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