Top 10 Movie Overkills

When people die in the movies, they really die. By that we mean they explode, or otherwise go down with excessive force that mirrors the way all cars always blow up. Join as we count down top 10 movie overkills. Just to be clear, we’re focusing on the scenes in which someone is killed way more than is necessary. As you can imagine, this clip contains extreme violence and is intended for mature audiences only. You have been warned.

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Top 10 Movie Overkills

There’s no kill like overkill! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down top 10 movie overkills.

Just to be clear, we’re focusing on the scenes in which someone is killed way more then is necessary. As you can imagine, this clip contains extreme violence and is intended for mature audiences only. You have been warned.

#10- Pass the Mustard “Sin City” (2005)

Kicking off our list is the death of Roark Junior, the pot bellied ‘Yellow Bastard’, who really had it coming. A disgusting serial killing pedophile rapist, he mainly targets pre-pubescent girls, although he makes an except for Jessica Alba! Anyways, he meets his end when Bruce Willis knifes him, yanks off his boys, and bashes his head in until it it’s raining French’s.

#9- Wedding Crasher “MacGruber” (2010)

He goes above and beyond to get revenge against Val Kilmer’s Cunth for killing his first wife, and then crashing his second marriage with a bazooka. Beating him up, MacGruber tries to dismember his already dismembered foe, before head butting him off a cliff and shooting him with a machine gun while in free fall. Not content, he finishes him off with his grenade launcher and then relieves himself onto the corpse.

#8- Sword Fight “Marked for Death” (1990)

All action stars take out the trash with excessive force, but Steven Seagal has a habit of making the rest look merciful. Finding the dreaded leader of a gang of Jamaican drug dealers, he gets vengeance by slicing his face with a sword, crushing his eyes with his fingers, performing a backbreaker. Then, just for good measure, he throws him down an elevator shaft. I think I saw this in Mortal Kombat once…

#7- In The Face “The Punisher” (2004)

During his quest for vengeance against those who killed his family, Frank Castle brings an all out war. This leads to an encounter with a henchman who doesn’t think to shoot him in the face. In response, Frank borrows the goon’s shotgun and blows out his foot. He then bashes his head against the wall, twists his arm, makes him sing , and ultimately rams a blade into his skull. Damn if that’s not punishment, I don’t know what is…

#6- Shredded “Universal Soldier” (1992)

In this flick, a reanimated Dolph Lundgren decides to pay a visit to a likewise re-animated Van Damme’s family farm to murder his parents. After stealing himself a much needed injection of go juice, a re-energized Van Damme pummels Dolphe relentlessly, before kicking him in the face and flinging him onto the spikes of some conveniently placed farm equipment. As he’s still kicking, Van Damme breaks his arm, and turns on the tractor. Okay he’s dead now!

#5- Goodnight “Freddy Vs Jason” (2003)

You may be surprised that we’ve gotten halfway through our list without any horror flicks, well never fear. To make up for it, we’ve selected the scene in which Jason tucks a victim into bed. Did we say tuck in? We meant stabbing him about a dozen times in the back with his machete. Apparently it’s still Millar time though. Anyway, Jason decides to finish him off by closing the cot and folding poor broski in half the wrong way. The man takes pride in his work…

#4- Interrogation “True Romance” (1993)

In this scene, Christian Slater’s wife is beat up by Tony Soprano, who wants to know where her bo and the coke they stole is hiding. Brutally beaten and thrown in the shower, she blinds the dirt bag with shampoo, before whacking him with a toilette cover. Unwilling to die, she flambee’s him with hairspray, stabs him with a knife and then finally blasts him repeatedly with a shot before smacking him with it one last time for good measure.

#3- Corked Screwed “Out for Justice” (1991)

Oh mama, another overkill by Steven Seagal…this guy sure likes it rough! Here, he’s taking out the criminal who killed his partner. This involves throwing his foe around while dropping a beat. As the outmatched villain fights back with whatever he can find, Seagal repurposes each item for his own amusement. Ultimately, he demolishes his face with punches, before corkscrewing the guy in the head. No he’s not done, he even steals another cop’s gun and shoots the body!

#2- Target Practice “Robocop” (1987)

Since Robocop was built from a dead police officer, we expect Alex Murphy to die in the line of duty. But, this film pulls a Spinal Tap and cranks the violence up to 11. When he’s cornered by Red Forman and his goons, poor Murphy gets a firing squad treatment that really gets out of hand. Sheesh, why did my parents let me watch this?

#1- Tommy Guns “Bonnie and Clyde” (1967)

Here it is, one of the most horrific deaths in cinematic history. A classic example of overkill, it features the two titular characters getting tricked into helping a stranded motorist. Executed by the police by means of Tommy Guns, they are shot well past the point of death, and continue to get hit while their bodies writhe on the ground. Sheesh, what a way to end the movie…

Agree with our list? Which movie overkill did you find to be the most, well, overkill. For more extreme top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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