Top 10 Over the Top Movie Villain Deaths

The bad guy should always take a beating and go out after kicking and screaming, and in many cases exploding and falling. Join as we count down the Top 10 Over The Top Villain Deaths. Just to be clear, we’re only including major villains, whose deaths are crazy and unnecessarily theatrical. And as you probably guessed already, things are about to get ultra violent and awesome.

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Top 10 Over the Top Movie Villain Deaths

The villain should always go out in the worst way possible. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Over The Top Villain Deaths.

Just to be clear, we’re only including major villains, whose deaths are crazy and unnecessarily theatrical. And as you probably guessed already, things are about to get ultra violent. And awesome.

#10- Abu Aziz “True Lies” (1994)

Kicking off our list is the terrorist leader who threatened America with nukes and kidnapped Arnie’s daughter! While held up in a high rise recording his demands, Arnie’s girl steals the launch key and escapes to the roof. Lucky for her, daddy comes to the rescue in a fighter jet. After trying to hitch a ride, Arnie makes a hard turn to shake him off. While a 60-story plunge would have been deadly enough, Arnie gives Aziz an explosive send off! Donald Trump should be taking notes…

#9- Dr. Kananga “Live and Let Die” (1973)

Many of Bond’s foes have had enormous egos, and it’s always up to him to burst their bubble. During a tense underwater bout of fisticuffs 007 manages to force Kananga to ingest a compressed gas pellet. Naturally, this causes his opponent to become a human helium balloon and rise to the occasion. Just like Bond expected, this guy was all talk and no guts!

#8- Thunder “Big Trouble in Little China” (1986)

Ever wonder what happens when a demi-god’s master is killed by a red neck trucker? Yah, we’ve all been there! Well, in a movie that answer many of life’s great questions, this superhuman bodyguard decides to commit seppuku in style. Yeesh, what was he filled with, garbage? I guess that’s how they kept the PG-13 rating...

#7- Bennett “Commando” (1985)

A WatchMojo favorite, this outrageous villain death is prompted by a good old fashioned mano-a-mano fight to the death. No this isn’t the first time you saw Arnie on this list, and it probably won’t be the last. Here Arnie head butts and electrocutes his deranged adversary, before beating him to a pulp. He then does the most obvious maneuver by breaking off an enormous section of pipe like it was a kit-kat bar and launches it through his adversary’s chest. Steamy!

#6- Alec Trevelyan “GoldenEye” (1995)

In the first Bond film to feature Pierce Brosnan, Bond’s struggle with his former friend ends with one of the worst bits of punishment an agent has ever dished out. While Bond could have done the noble thing and spared his foe, he instead lets him drop. Falling hundreds of feet onto concrete, Sean Bean somehow survives, well until Bond’s gear shifting sabotage causes the dish to erupt in fiery glory for no apparent reason. Considering the fall, this should have been pretty easy to walk away from…

#5- Senator McComb “Timecop” (1994)

In this Van Damme fueled time travel flick there’s just one rule: Using this knowledge, Damme kills two birds with one stone by arranging for the innocent version of the corrupt time altering senator to meet his older self in the final battle. The result was a one of a kind kill that still managed to allow Van Damme to get his kicks. Or kick.

#4- Cohaagen “Total Recall” (1990)

This is the 3rd Arnie clip and the third to feature somebody popping. After skillfully disposing of a bomb, Arnie and his current nemesis are left dangling at the merci of the explosive decompression that threatens to suck them out into the harsh Martian atmosphere. Being a gentleman, Arnie lets his friend go first. After being tossed out into open, he is subjected to the full effect of the Martian wasteland. I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure that this, is gross.

#3- Dr. Belloq, Sallah and Major Toht “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1981)

Those silly Nazi’s, when will they learn that God hates them!? In this flick, the nefarious goose steppers attempt to channel the all-mighty’s power by opening up the Ark of the Covenant. While they initially believe that they have achieved success, things turn downright terrifying very quickly. Soon the full wrath of god himself and the entire special effects department is unleashed upon them is full oozing glory. Squeamish viewers are best to take Indy’s advice on this one. Man, I guess the 11th commandment is “Never open that box”.

#2- Antonowsky “Robocop” (1987)

This bad guy is one of Red Foremen’s right hand men, and was part of the group that shot officer Alex Murphy to death. So he deserves whatever was coming to him. No, he doesn’t get shot, but instead crashes his van into a vat of toxic waste! Emerging as the Toxic Avenger, the freak show’s horrific transformation is short lived as he wanders in front of another car and is liquefied on impact. Gross.

#1- Dieter Von Cunth “MacGruber” (2010)

Taking the top spot on our list is the most gloriously over the top villain death ever recorded! After surviving an explosion at the end of the film, Val Kilmer’s guy re-emerges at the hero’s wedding, hell-bent on revenge. The result is a savage beating, during which MacGruber even attempts to dis-member his already deformed adversary. Finally head butted off of a conveniently placed cliff, MacGruber decides to make sure the job is finished once and for all before paying his final disrespects.

Agree with our list? Which over the top villain death left you cringing in disbelief. For more entertaining, and some would insist twisted top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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