Top 10 Movie Seduction Scenes

There's nothing like a good bit of eye candy, desire and temptation in a movie. While there are countless obstacles for characters in movies to deal with, watching people get all hot and bothered while fighting their basic instincts is always a thrill to behold. These range from the seductive alleged killer, to the college student, next-door neighbor and sports fan. Join and today we’ll be counting down our top 10 favorite movie seduction scenes.

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Top 10 Movie Seduction Scenes

These movies will get you all hot under the collar. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our top 10 favorite movie seduction scenes.

#10 – Peeping Tom: “The Girl Next Door” (2004)

Kicking off our list is the scene in which a boy watches his new hot next-door neighbor slowly undress. Because she knows he’s been watching her the entire time, her seduction comes to an abrupt end as she turns around, looking surprised of course, and gets a kick out of his obvious guilt. Turns out she oozes seduction for a reason, since she used to be a porn star.

#9 – Car Wash: “Wild Things” (1998)

When two female students accuse their school’s guidance counselor of rape, all hell breaks loose. Of course, it all began with a seduction in the guise of a good old-fashioned carwash, as Denise Richards and her pal make clean look dirty. The man’s interest is clearly piqued, but he’s pushed over the edge when Richards confronts him in a wet t-shirt. The rest is left to your imagination…

#8 – The Bet: “Cruel Intentions” (1999)

Seduction abounds when Sarah Michelle Gellar and her stepbrother, played by Ryan Phillippe, make a wager as to whether or not he can defile the most wholesome girl in school. While that’s a pretty hot bet on its own, it’s how Gellar pulls the strings to manipulate her competition that is the real show here, as she plays up her forbidden fruit angle.

#7 – Pool Scene: “Swimfan” (2002)

In this erotic thriller, a high school athlete from the swim team almost hits a girl named Madison with his car. After insisting on giving her a ride as an apology, he ends up demonstrating his skills at the pool. Though he already has a steady girlfriend, Madison gets him to drop his guard – and his trunks. He should have realized something was wrong when she wanted to hear the “L” word.

#6 – The Audition: “Mulholland Dr.” (2001)

Unlike the other seduction scenes on this list, this one is performed during an audition for a film role! Here, Naomi Watts reads the lines of a woman being hit on by her father’s best friend, and her rousing performance leaves the older actor gasping for air. This scene shows that it doesn’t take much more than gentle whispers to crank up the heat.

#5 – The Frenchman: “Unfaithful” (2000)

This is a change of pace: it’s a happily married woman who gets seduced! Diane Lane meets a Frenchman in a windstorm, and this leads to a slow seduction where he uses small advances and their shared love of literature to keep her coming back. Of course, blowing on her stomach ultimately pushes her over the edge, despite her being married to a vengeful Richard Gere.

#4 – The Ex-Student: “The Life of David Gale” (2003)

What seduction list would be complete without a teacher getting involved in a conflict of interest? Kevin Spacey plays a professor who is confronted by a student he failed while chilling at a graduation party. Too messed up to use his common sense, he indulges her love of the rough stuff by biting her shoulder and allowing her to scratch him. Unfortunately for Spacey, it’s a trap to frame him for rape. Yikes!

#3 – The Pushy Boss: “Disclosure” (1994)

In this steamy scene, Michael Douglas plays the head of manufacturing at a software company who discovers that his promotion has gone to Demi Moore, his former girlfriend. Now in a position of power, she aggressively forces herself upon the happily married man. Fighting temptation, he eventually manages to keep it in his pants, but it requires a good look in the mirror for him to realize what he stands to lose.

#2 – Sexy Murder Suspect: “Basic Instinct” (1992)

Oh look; it’s Michael Douglas again, but now he’s playing a detective! And this time, it’s Sharon Stone who wants a piece of the action. As a murderous bisexual sociopath with an ice pick, Stone plays a crime novelist who murders her lovers. Though Douglas suspects the truth, he lets her get in his head, and becomes fully ensnared by her at a nightclub. The things you can get away with when you’re Sharon Stone…

#1 – The Cougar: “The Graduate” (1967)

Taking the top spot on our list is the most famous seduction scene of all time. This one involves a hapless young Dustin Hoffman being propositioned by Mrs. Robinson, the wife of his father’s law partner. To seduce the young lad, she invites him into her daughter’s room, teases him, and finally lures him into her trap. It’s easy to see why this scene is so influential…

Do you agree with our list? Which seduction scene left you gasping for air? For more thrilling top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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