Top 10 Jean-Claude Van Damme Moments

This action icon from the 1980s has entertained us with countless movies. Since he's returned to the silver screen, we've decided to focus in on the most memorable scenes he's been in. That's right, we're talking about spin kicks, bad acting, the splits, his legendary scream, and so called "dancing." Join as we count down the Top 10 Jean-Claude Van Damme Moments.

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Top 10 Jean-Claude Van Damme Moments

It’s always fun to watch the muscles from Brussles do his thing! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Jean-Claude Van Damme Moments.

#10- The Snake “Hard Target”

Kicking off our list is the unforgettable scene in which Van Damme totally kills the mood with his lady friend! This would ordinarily be just another kiss haphazardly interrupted by a rattlesnake, if only Van Damme decided not to provocatively slap the reptile, punch it, watch it go limp, then take a bite! Extra points for the hair.

#9- Closest to Cold - “Coors Light Ads”

In this recent television ad series, an aged Van Damme shows us where he’s been for the last two decades. Standing alone in the Rockies, he explains that he’s trying to recreate the refreshment of an ice-cold beer by partaking in a variety of activities, ranging from wearing frozen pants, to getting frostbitten hair, and making snow angels while singing classic 80s tunes.

#8- Perverted Gym Teacher “Double Impact”

In this film, Van Damme plays a Karate instructor that likes to work his magic with the ladies, all while wearing skintight spandex. Everything he says and does is shameless and cringe worthy attempt to get their numbers, including this! I thought this was supposed to be an action movie…

#7- The Splits “Black Eagle”

In this flick, Van Damme finds himself on a ship full of men. Obviously, the best way to provide entertainment is to show off his knife throwing skills, while doing the splits in tight shorts! Not convinced that the splits make everything cooler? Just watch him use it to dodge a Taser in “Timecop”! Curious how he got so flexible? Check it out…

#6- Motorcycle Surfing “Hard Target”

The worst mistake you can ever make is to play chicken with Van Damme! Especially if you are driving a pick up truck and firing machine guns at him, cause you’ll miss and he’ll use bike surfing to blow you up! This wasn’t the only way to defeat the bad guys, but it’s definitely the coolest! If only he managed to add the splits in there somehow…

#5- Kick The Tree “Kickboxer”

On a journey to become the greatest fighter, Van Damme is instructed by his master to kick through a tree with his shins. When he succumbs to the pain, he is asked to make like a tree and get the hell out. Of course, Van Damme decides to make his master proud by going ballistic. It would be easier to just use a chainsaw guys… see what you did, now you have to take a trip to the hospital…

#4- Television Turn On “En Domingo Legal”

Van Damme likes to dance with beautiful women on foreign television shows. One such time he got a little too excited and was caught on stage with a smoking gun. Just watch the announcer as he gets on one knee to witness the event up close!You can’t really blame JCVD, their throwing underwear at him for gods sakes…

#3 - Ball Breaker “Lionheart”

Joining the underground fighting circuit, Van Damme’s first leather vested opponent taunts him with zingers he must have picked up in a prison shower….so Van Damme responds by grabbing his leg and giving him an impromptu sex change. Ironically, his opponent’s name was Sonny, get it…he hit him where the sun don’t shine!

#2- On The Dance Floor “Kickboxer”

Van Damme’s very own Mr. Miyagi wants to watch him dance in order to observe his sense of balance. It would probably help if he knew how to dance… escpecially without resorting to using the splits….not that these girls seem to mind. Anyway, his dancing is so bad that it starts a bar fight.

#1- The Scream “Blood Sport”

Taking the top spot on our list is the slow motion scream that should have won Van Damme the Oscar! Blinded by his cheating opponent, Damme lets out a defeated yell in which the horror is his eyes and voice give way to a moment of pure clarity. Don’t worry, that freaky peck-popping opponent still doesn’t have a chance…

Agree with our list? What is your favorite Van Damme moment? For more entertaining Top 10’s, be sure to subscribe to

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