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Founded by sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard in the mid-twentieth century, the Church of Scientology is a set of beliefs that Hubbard referred to as a religion. The Church of Scientology has been met with substantial criticism from many sources, and has been labeled by some as a cult due to the large financial commitment required to commit to it. Even so, Scientology has taken off, with significant help from its considerable celebrity population. While some – like actress Elisabeth Moss and musician Beck – have remained relatively quiet about their choice of religion, others like Tom Cruise and John Travolta have been vocal about their support of Scientology. In this video, counts down ten of the most notable celebrity Scientologists.

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It’s the religion of the stars. Welcome to, and today we'll be counting down ten of the most notable celebrity Scientologists.

#10 – Elisabeth Moss

Moss was led to Scientology by her family, and chose to embrace that lifestyle. She's one of the more low-key members, and usually only discusses her religion when asked. However, Moss has come out in support of gay marriage, explaining that the Church teaches acceptance, which runs against a common assertion that Scientology is homophobic.

#9 – Charles Manson

It’s not a huge surprise that Scientologists don’t put this face in their ads: Manson learned of the religion during one of his early stints in prison, and used some of its tenets to charm and lead young hippies. Manson allegedly took over 150 hours of Scientology courses, but then decided it wasn't for him and formed his own Helter Skelter religion.

#8 – Priscilla Presley

Before it was even trendy, Elvis trashed Scientology as a cult that only wanted his money. He'd probably be interested to see how far his wife and daughter got within the organization: Priscilla is a vocal and dedicated member, and so was Lisa-Marie – for a while. The King's only daughter finally parted ways with the Church in 2012, and even gave them a tune as a send off.

#7 – Beck

He may be a loser, but he's also a Scientologist, and has been for most of his life – in fact, he's second-generation. But, Beck only went public with that info in 2005, a good ten years after he became famous. His Scientology connections reach so far back, his mother was actually the midwife at the birth of Beck’s wife Marissa Ribisi, and her twin brother Giovanni, who are also Scientologists.

#6 – Jason Lee

Jason Lee has been a Scientologist since long before his name was Earl, or he had to deal with any squeakquels. But his devotion to religion may have ended his first marriage. His ex-wife claimed she refused to get involved with Scientology, and she was then divorced and blacklisted within a matter of days. Rumor has it that wasn't the last marriage that failed due to the Church.

#5 – Kirstie Alley

One element of Scientology that isn't as well known is its drug treatment program, Narconon. In fact, Scientologists claim to be experts at helping people overcome addiction, and this was how Kirstie Alley joined the Church. Scientology helped Alley through her cocaine addiction, and she's since returned the favor by becoming a vocal and financial supporter of the Church.

#4 – Isaac Hayes

He wrote “Soul Man,” and the “Theme from Shaft;” but you may remember Hayes best as “South Park”'s Chef. A few years before he landed that comeback gig, Hayes joined the Church and promoted it heavily – he even recorded a Scientology-themed album with fellow member Doug E. Fresh. Hayes left “South Park” in 2006 under protest that too many religions had been targeted by Matt Stone and Trey Parker – including his own.

#3 – Nancy Cartwright

After growing up a Roman Catholic, Cartwright joined Scientology the same year she started her gig as Bart Simpson. She thanks the Church for her career success, and has become one of the religion's biggest personal financial supporters. Though she did join the rest of “The Simpsons” in lampooning a religion eerily similar to Scientology, she also used the voice of her character to make robocalls promoting a Scientology event. So we guess they're even.

#2 – John Travolta & Kelly Preston

Travolta was also raised Roman Catholic, but in 1975 he converted to Scientology after reading a copy of L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics – and almost immediately he became a Hollywood phenomenon. Travolta married Kelly Preston in 1991, who was also a Scientologist, and the pair have since become a Hollywood success story when it comes to a lasting marriage – that is despite allegations of indelicate behavior on Travolta's part with certain male masseurs. But “Battlefield Earth” was still worse.

#1 – Tom Cruise

Taking the top spot on our list is the celebrity face of Scientology. Coming off the success of “Top Gun,” a 24-year-old Cruise was introduced to the Church by his first wife, Mimi Rogers. He stayed tightlipped about Scientology until 2001, when he very publicly began singing its praises for helping him deal with dyslexia. And then, he jumped the couch.

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