Top 10 Ben Stiller Performances

The leader of the Frat Pack, this actor has entertained audiences by regularly playing outrageous loser roles. He has played everything from simple-minded neurotics to intelligent and angry neurotics, and everything in between! From Mystery Men, to Zoolander and Dodgeball, this actor has all the goofiest bases covered. Join as today we count down our top 10 favorite Ben Stiller performances.

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Top 10 Ben Stiller Performances

He’s the king of awkward comedy. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our top 10 favorite Ben Stiller performances.

#10 – Michael Grates: “Reality Bites”

Kicking off our list is Stiller’s directorial debut: a surprisingly sweet romantic dramedy about disenfranchised Gen Xers. Stiller later became famous for playing funny losers, but here he portrays a materialistic yuppie exec at a hip TV station who is aggressively competing for the love of a free-spirited documentary filmmaker. Stiller’s youth and inexperience actually make this some of his best early work.

#9 – David Starsky: “Starsky and Hutch”

In this adaptation of the iconic 1970s cop show, Stiller plays Starsky: a serious, albeit incompetent undercover street cop. Along the way he manages to unwittingly play Russian roulette with a loaded weapon, get stabbed in the back, fly high as a kite, kill a pony and don several outrageous disguises.

#8 – Larry Daley: “Night At The Museum”

This blockbuster franchise sees Stiller cast as a divorcee who takes on a gig as a night security guard at a museum. While trying to be a role model for his son, he gets caught up in wild antics when the exhibits come to life. Only Stiller could make a premise this silly work like a charm, and he does as he haphazardly deals with minor inconveniences like rude monkeys and fossilized dinosaurs on the loose.

#7 – Mr. Furious: “Mystery Men”

As the star of this superhero spoof, Stiller plays a motorcycle driving hothead whose only power is his temper, as well as the leader of a group of minor-league crime fighters that stands in the shadow of Captain Amazing. He gives the film heart and humor by dishing out really lame comebacks, and rage. Bad guys should not let him get on top of their swanky rides…

#6 – Gaylord ‘Greg’ Focker: “Meet The Parents”

Nice guy Stiller gets pushed to the brink as he deals with his fiancée’s father, who happens to be an ex-CIA agent and a complete control freak. Stiller’s unbelievably nervous performance as an awkwardly named male nurse helps make this family comedy work, even though he can’t get anything right or secure a place in the circle of trust.

#5 – White Goldman: “DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story”

This casting is a perfect fit: Stiller plays an exercise nut and the weirdo owner of Globo-Gym. Competing against Vince Vaughn in a dodgeball tournament, Stiller shows total dedication to his loser athlete role by sporting an outrageous moustache, spouting tons of hilariously idiotic retorts and harboring a secret love of junk food. Sound familiar? Well, he played the similar character Tony Perkis years earlier in “Heavyweights.”

#4 – Tugg Speedman: “Tropic Thunder”

Stiller wrote, directed and starred in this send-up of Hollywood excess. He mocks his peers by playing a prima donna who is out to rekindle his acting career following several box office bombs by appearing in a Vietnam War film. Even when he’s not on camera, his character carries on as a hapless Sylvester Stallone-type, before he’s captured by a drug lord and forced to entertain his men. This film is over-the-top, satirical, and among Stiller’s zaniest performances, if you can believe it.

#3 – Chas Tenenbaum: “The Royal Tenenbaums”

This Wes Anderson flick features Stiller as Royal Tenenbaum’s middle child, who is a curly-haired, tracksuit-wearing real estate genius. Stiller shows off his ability to switch between comedy and drama as he deals with the recent loss of his wife in a plane crash and his subsequent fear of everything, as well as his father as he tries to make amends.

#2 – Ted Stroehmann: “There’s Something About Mary”

This Farrelly Brothers laugh riot put Stiller on the map! This movie has served as a template for many of Stiller’s roles as the loser who has everything go wrong in the most shocking ways possible. In this case, even though he’s no longer a geeky teen, he’s still in love with his high school crush and way out of his league. He’ll do anything to win her heart – too bad he’s got tons of competition!

#1 – Derek Zoolander: “Zoolander”

Taking the top spot on our list is Stiller’s milestone role as a clueless male model who is brainwashed into assassinating the Malaysian Prime Minister to keep child labor in play. Zoolander has to deal with competition from a rising star, but his troubles take a turn for the worse after a freaking gasoline fight accident. Hey, Zoolander may just be a pretty face, but it’s his mannerisms and empty headedness that keep us coming back for more.

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