Top 10 Memorable TV Moms

Whether she's wearing pearls or skin-tight pants, whether she's grumbling disapprovingly or calling the Fonz by his first name, there are a lot of things that make a TV mom memorable. Some are sweet and loving; others are cunning arguers who never lose a fight. Some are flat-out horrible mothers that should get a visit from child services, while others ensure the safety and happiness of their families. Shows like "All in the Family," "The Cosby Show" and "Roseanne" showcased only some of the most unforgettable mothers ever to grace the small screen. In this video, takes a look at ten of TV’s most memorable mothers.

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These are the women who raised us from the comfort of the boob tube. Welcome to, and today we’ll be taking a look at a few of the most memorable TV moms.

Top Expecting Mom: Lucy Ricardo – “I Love Lucy”

Contrary to popular belief, Lucy wasn’t the first pregnant woman on TV, but she was the funniest. Over 70 percent of America tuned in to see Lucy give birth during the second season of her show. They kept watching as Little Ricky grew into a musical prodigy, with loving support from his mother. However, her most memorable mommy moment is just super.

Top Black & White Mom: June Cleaver – “Leave It to Beaver”

You can call June Cleaver the classic TV mom, and an icon of the 1950s. Always coiffed, ladylike and devoted to her family, she must have done something right to raise such polite young men. The image of a housewife in pearls may be outdated, but she set a standard that TV moms – and real-life moms – can only hope to come near.

Top Step Mom: Carol Brady – “The Brady Bunch”

It’s no easy task bringing two families together under one roof. Okay, she had some cooking help from Alice, but Carol had a lot on her plate with six kids, and she always managed to stay hip while reminding everyone not to play ball in the house. We’ll just pretend we didn’t hear about Florence Henderson’s supposed affair with Greg Brady. Ew.

Top Dingbat Mom: Edith Bunker – “All in the Family”

Sure, Edith might not have had many political opinions, she may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed and she may have had a piercing singing voice. But her patience and natural sweetness made her a great mom, and a perfect foil for her curmudgeonly husband. Gloria may be a brat, but we’re gonna blame that on Archie.

Top ‘50s Mom: Marion Cunningham – “Happy Days”

Mrs. C kept a spotless house, raised well-behaved children – a little too well-behaved if you ask us – and welcomed all the neighborhood kids into her living room, while always wearing a smile. Sure, she lived in a world where every problem could be solved in a half hour, but she still gets street cred points for being the only person who could call the Fonz by his first name.

Top Smart Mom: Clair Huxtable – “The Cosby Show”

This woman was just full of class, eloquence and life lessons. Amid a flurry of dysfunctional TV families, the Huxtables stood apart as a tight knit group headed by two equally intelligent parents. Clair could probably have retired based on Cliff’s doctor salary, but she put her own degree to good use as a lawyer, and exercised those same arguing skills as a mom.

Top Bitchy Mom: Peggy Bundy – “Married… with Children”

Nobody insulted her husband quite like Peg Bundy. So what if she’s not exactly a role model? Big hair, cigarettes, tight clothes and heels are what gave Mrs. Al Bundy her edge, and everyone kinda forgave the fact she refused to cook and clean. Plus, having those two as kids must not have been easy.

Top Terrible Mom: Betty Draper Francis – “Mad Men”

Who woulda figured that a trophy wife would make a horrible mother? She chain smokes in front of her kids, locks them in a closet when she catches them sneaking a puff, uproots them because she doesn’t like their friends, and threatens them with bodily harm when they’re caught molesting themselves. Geez, with parents like Betty and Don Draper, you know these kids are gonna be messed up.

Top Blue Collar Mom: Roseanne Conner – “Roseanne”

Down-to-earth is an understatement here. Roseanne and the Conners dealt with the same things everyone deals with: money, obesity, unemployment, life. She wouldn’t take crap from anybody, but still offered a lot of sage advice when given the opportunity. And, she was supportive of her kids when it really mattered.

Top Cartoon Mom: Marge Simpson – “The Simpsons”

Without Marge, the Simpson family would collapse. Homer’s an idiot, Bart’s a troublemaker, Lisa’s an overachiever, and Maggie – well, she can be a handful. While the Simpson house isn’t always spic-and-span, there is always food on the table, a parental lesson to be learned and a disapproving grumble to be heard. Also, it must be tough to raise kids for twenty years without them aging a day.

These are just a few of the most memorable moms from television: who were your favorite TV matriarchs?

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