Top 10 Stoner Scenes In Film

Nothing is better than a comedy that mixes humour with weed. We have previously counted down our favorite stoner films, and now take a look at the best on-screen moments. These are filled with bizarre trips, smokey hazes and hallucinations. Join as we count down our Top 10 Favorite Stoner Scenes in Film.

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Top 10 Stoner Scenes In Film

There’s nothing more entertaining to watch than scenes with people getting high. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our Top 10 Favorite Stoner Scenes in Film.

Number 10: “True Romance” – Stoned Brad Pitt

Get this: Brad Pitt, not the romantic lead. No, you’re not stoned, but he is. For the whole movie. Little more than a cameo, Brad’s scenes are still pretty memorable, if only for his faux-tough guy talk.

Number 9: “Due Date” – Car Ride

This road-trip comedy sees an uptight Robert Downey Jr. paired with Zach Galifianakis for a long and eventful car ride. Their trip takes a twisted turn when Downey Jr. falls asleep, with a pot-smoking Galifianakis at the wheel. Things get really weird when he wakes up in his hot-boxed Range Rover and sees that his travel buddy has transformed into a bear, or something. And, all this takes place to a soundtrack of Pink Floyd, ‘natch.

Number 8: “Super Troopers” – Getting Pulled Over

A group of pot smoking teens driving up to Canada gets the bad trip of their lives when they enter the jurisdiction of a group of mischievous highway patrollers. They try to save themselves by tossing their weed out the window and forcing one unfortunate friend to try to eat the rest. But the fuzz are on to them…

Number 7: “Half Baked” – Killer Can Fly

After discovering the best weed they’ve ever smoked, Dave Chappelle and his gang decide to share the love with their dog. Almost immediately the dog jumps out the window and flies like Superman, but not before he gets a mean case of the munchies. Realistic, no. Classic, yes.

Number 6: “Road Trip” – Talking Dog

Yup, there exist two outrageous stoned dog scenes. The way “Road Trip” does it involves a man and friend’s grandpa talking and smoking weed on the porch with their dog. Aside from the typical pouring-your-heart out stuff and the occasional TMI moment from grandpa, it’s pretty nice. That is, until the the dog reveals himself to be quite the misogynist.

Number 5: “Pineapple Express” – Government Experimentation

In the opening prologue to this film, we learn how marijuana became illegal. The classified “Item 9” is a mysterious substance being experimented with by the U.S. government. One lucky test subject gets to be the guinea pig for this trial, but just ends up ruining it for everyone. Great, now I want pancakes.

Number 4: “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” – Bag of Weed

While rescuing Harold from a racist police station, Kumar discovers a massive bag of confiscated weed. Flashforward to a touching love story between a boy and his fat sack’a chronic. Well, for the most part.

Number 3: “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” – Adrenochrome

Okay, to be fair: this entire movie is one long stoner scene, but the Adrenochrome stands out from the rest as a truly nightmarish bad trip. A few drops from the little brown bottle are enough to make Hunter S. Thompson trip total balls. This is one drug you definitely don’t want to try, especially not in a pricy hotel room. Or what’s left of it.

Number 2: “Reefer Madness” – Marijuana Makes Kids Go Crazy

Back in 1936, this propaganda film tried to scare the population away from getting high. But to be honest, it resulted in some of the most unintentionally hilarious portrayals of stoners we’ve ever seen. Nothin’ beats the original!

Number 1: “Up In Smoke” – The Brock Lesnar of Joints

Was there ever any doubt? You really can’t beat Cheech and Chong when it comes to weed. When we think of stoner movies, we automatically think of this duo. And of Chong’s humongous joint, which he was saving for a special occasion. Not only is it outrageously oversized, it’s also made of unusual ingredients.

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