Stockholm, Sweden: Top Attractions

Stockholm is considered one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world, and it is popular with tourists because of both its modernity and its rich history. A number of museums located in this Scandinavian city tell the story of its history, from the Vasa Museum to Skansen. Many of these museums are found on Djurgarden, which is an island that features many museums and other tourist attractions. Meanwhile, the natural beauty of the area is breathtaking. The Stockholm Archipelago is filled with beautiful islands that have inspired countless artists for centuries. In this video, checks out the top attractions you need to see while visiting Stockholm, Sweden.

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Top Attractions in Stockholm, Sweden

This Scandinavian capital city is naturally beautiful and rich with history. Welcome to, and today we’ll be checking out the top attractions you should see while visiting Stockholm, Sweden.

Grand Hôtel

While visiting Stockholm, visitors have a number of different types of options in terms of where they may stay. For example, the opulent Grand Hôtel is a famous five-star location in the city. It was built in the late nineteenth century, and today it is both a gorgeous place to stay and a great place simply to visit.

Af Chapman

On the other hand is the af Chapman. This ship was originally launched in 1888, and today remains moored along the coast of Stockholm. It also acts as a youth hostel, and provides a unique experience for anyone staying there.

The Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm is also home to a huge archipelago on its eastern coast. The beauty of this region has inspired a great many artists throughout history. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to travel between the islands, especially during summer months. Take a cruise ship from place to place, and take in the great views while you travel.


Found in central Stockholm, the Slussen joins Södermalm with Gamla stan. The name refers to both an important intersection and a lock that joins two bodies of water.

Gamla Stan

One of Stockholm’s most popular attractions, the nearby Gamla stan is a medieval city centre. Welcoming for tourists and pedestrians, you’ll find restaurants, bars and cafes alongside many fascinating shops. There are also a variety of beautiful historical buildings to visit.

Sergels Torg

Meanwhile the bustling centre of Sergels Torg is a central town square that also features a theatre, stores and a huge sculpture.

Ericsson Globe

The very modern Ericsson Globe is a sports arena found in Stockholm. It is one of the world’s largest hemispherical buildings, and therefore it is a spectacular sight to see from miles around. A distinctive shape on the city skyline, this Globe presents a unique take on arena design.


If museums are more your speed, try Djurgarden. Djurgarden is an island that features museums, historical attractions and even an amusement park. Both tourists and locals flock to this location in droves. The Vasa museum is a maritime museum found on Djurgarden that is particularly distinct as it showcases an ancient ship as part of its building. Skansen is also found on that island, and is both an open-air museum and zoo that gives visitors a picture of rural life in Stockholm.

Modern and traditional, Stockholm is one capital city with lots to see.

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