7 Things You Should Know About GoldenEye 007

1997’s Nintendo 64 game adaptation of GoldenEye isn't just the definitive Bond video game, but also happens to be the most beloved first-person shooter ever released. As a result, Activision and Eurocom have decided to bring the classic game back with an all-new modern re-imagining that replaces Pierce Brosnan's Bond with that of Daniel Craig. Written by the same screenwriter of the original film, this is not a direct port or a mere graphical update. With a revised story, new levels and personality; this adventure seeks to recapture the spirit and excitement of the N64 original. Join WatchMojo.com as we explore everything you should know about 2010's GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo Wii.

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7 Things You Should Know About GoldenEye 007

James Bond is back in a re-imagining of the iconic console shooter. Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we’ll be exploring the 7 things you should know about 2010’s Goldeneye 007.

Number 1: Reboot

1997’s Nintendo 64 film adaptation is the most beloved first-person shooter ever released for the home consoles. However, the latest adaptation is not a direct port or an update of that original videogame classic.

In fact, its production is not connected with Rare, the game’s original developer. And instead has been developed by Eurocom and Activision for an exclusive release on the Nintendo Wii.

Number 2: Plot Changes

The original 1995 film and 1997 game of the same name centered on the defection of MI6’s 006, and his plan to use a satellite weapon to erase all computer records in London. While this basic premise will stay in tact, the overall plot and motivations of its characters have been dramatically overhauled and modernized.

Due to this, Pierce Brosnan will not reprise his role as the iconic British secret agent. Instead, Daniel Craig’s voice and likeness has been used to bring the game in line with the current direction of the franchise.

Adding credibility to these changes is the inclusion of the film’s original writer Bruce Feirstein, who has returned to pen the game’s new story.

Among his vast list of changes, he has removed all mentions of the Russian KGB spy service; altered the Villain’s motivation and back-story, and Bond’s adventure will now take him to an arms fair in Dubai.

Number 3: Level Overhaul

Not only featuring an updated plot, the level design has been changed to reflect the game’s new additions to the story. While it is essentially a re-imaging of the popular N64 title, it does have several noticeable changes that retain the basics of the earlier game, but re-presents the experience to fit into the modern interpretation of James Bond, and is methodology out in the field.

As well, it features modern game design additions that are now standard in other first person shooters, such as destructible environments.

Number 4: New Weapons and Gadgets

While retaining many of the old beloved staples from the original game, albeit it with altered names, players will now get to experience a wider selection of over 25 new weapons. These range from Bond’s updated Walther P99 to the powerful G36 assault rifle.

And rather then relying on Bond’s gadget watch, players will now use a mobile phone to scan documents, take photos and communicate with MI6.

Number 5: Cheat Menu

Of the many returning features offered by Rare is Eurocom’s inclusion of the cheat menu. Progressing through the game and meeting challenges, gamers will get to add many of the original amusing changes to the game, such as making all the guns shoot paintballs rather then bullets.

Number 6: Control Scheme

Offering one of the most dynamic and diverse control systems for any Wii shooter, players can play by using either the Wii remote and nunchuck combination, the Wii zapper, the Classic Controller or the Nintendo gamecube controller. This not only allows gamers of varying play styles to play together, but ensures that finding a compatible game pad will not be an issue when inviting friends over.

Number 7: Multiplayer

Sporting 4-player offline split-screen, and 8-player online matches, this game includes a very large multiplayer offering.

Serving up classic split-screen, it also offers a wide selection of AI-bots that you can customize.

And aside from incorporating characters from the main game, there will be a huge selection of classic Bond Villains to choose from. These include returning classics such as Jaws, Oddjob, Scaramanga and Baron Samedi.


If you’re feeling nostalgic, but ready for an update that brings the action into the 21st century, then you should check out 2010’s GoldEye 007.

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