Discover The Bird Life in Florida

The bird life in this southern U.S. state is beautiful, plentiful, colorful and diverse. From pink flamingos usually associated with warmer climates, to the equally vibrant roseate spoonbill, Florida is considered a haven for bird-lovers. The noble pelican with its notable pouch is a protected species in the state. The heron family is also abundant in Florida, with night herons mixing with Great White and Great Blues. The American White Ibis is easily confused with other species found in the state, but can be distinguished by its curved red bill. In this video, learns more about the bird life found in the southern U.S. state of Florida.

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Florida is considered a paradise for bird-lovers because of the number of native species found in the state. In fact, bird-watching is a popular activity throughout the Sunshine State. Its diverse habitats attract a variety of birds, including the osprey and the willet.

Pretty in Pink

The flamingo is a popular symbol of tropical climates. While many think flamingos can be found throughout the state of Florida, they are usually only found in state parks and conservation areas. There are six species of flamingos all through the world, one of which is specific to Florida. These birds are often confused with the Roseate Spoonbill, a native bird of Florida, because of its pink color.

The Majestic Heron

The heron is another family of birds that can be found in Florida. These are considered wading birds, and they are mainly found near the shore or in wetlands. In fact, some species of heron populates almost every body of water in the state. The Great Blue Heron is one such example. It is the largest wading bird found in the Everglades, and the most widespread heron in North America. The Great White Heron is an all-white version of this bird, and it is found in Florida down to the Caribbean. The Great White differs from the Great Blue in terms of its plumage, and the Great White is also found mainly near salt water. Night herons are another member of this bird family, and are smaller than the Great White and the Great Blue. It is found in a large part of the Americas, especially throughout warmer regions. Living along the coast and in swamps, this bird forages for food both during the day and at night.

Pelicans and their pouches

Pelicans are another bird native to Florida, and are notable for the pouch beneath their beak. While they are protected by law, there are in fact enough American White Pelicans throughout the world to consider them safe.

The White Ibis

The American White Ibis is easily confused with many other species found in Florida. It is distinctive because of its white feathers and curved red bill. It is found in marshes along the coast as well as wetlands in tropical North America and down to Central America.

Whether they’re found in the wild or in a sanctuary, the birds of Florida are definitely worth watching.

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