The Origins of Batman

Despite being one of the most famous characters of all-time, not everyone knows the true origin of Batman. delves into how Bruce Wayne turned into the caped crusader.

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It should be noted that there has been several re-imaginings of Batman’s history since the character’s introduction in the 1930’s, this is just one of them.

Appearing first in May of 1939, Batman was a much darker character than his superhero counterpart, Superman. Hi, welcome to, I’m your host Derek Allen and today we will be exploring Bruce Wayne’s dark roots and how he became Batman. As with most other superheroes, there are sometimes contradicting events in the history of these characters depending on who is telling it. We have chosen to stick with one popular timeline.

Born to a wealthy family in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne was heir to his family’s fortune. One night, however, would change the path set out for him. As a young boy, Bruce witnessed his parents’ murder at the hands of an unidentified mugger. Bruce’s life was dramatically changed from then on, as he vowed to avenge his parent’s death.

Longtime butler of the Wayne family Alfred Pennyworth, as well as Dr. Leslie Thompkins arranged so that Bruce would not be taken into Social Service care. Without them, Bruce would not have been able to realize his dream of becoming a crusader against crime.

As a teenager, Bruce Wayne departs on a journey around the world to learn all the skills needed to become the crusader he envisioned. He studied criminal psychology, mastered every fighting style, and forged himself into a weapon against crime and injustice.

Bruce Wayne then returns to Gotham City, a city rampant with crime and corruption. Upon returning, he tries to put his training to test, only to discover that if he was to wage a war on injustice, he would have to first instill fear in the hearts of his enemies. A bat flying through his window gave him the inspiration to transform himself into Batman.

Soon after his new persona is born, he becomes an urban legend in Gotham City, sending shivers through the city’s underworld, a place where criminals were before free to work mostly under the cover of police corruption.

Batman has no superpowers, instead he uses his fighting skills, scientific knowledge and exceptional detective abilities to fight crime. His utility belt is outfitted with various gadgets he uses in various scenarios, such as a grapple gun, smoke grenades and his own personalized boomerangs, better known as batarangs. Perhaps the most famous bat-inspired object used by Batman is his Batmobile. And his secret hideout, the Bat Cave is located in the caves beneath Wayne Manor.

During the day, Bruce Wayne plays up a lifestyle of a superficial, wealthy playboy in order to hide his crime fighting

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