Top 10 Iconic Movie Guns

Written by Richard Bush Cocked, locked, and ready to rock. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 iconic guns in movies. These are the firearms from the silver screen that stuck in our heads due to their originality or innovation. Oh, and just to be clear, this is exclusive to movies, so no TV guns allowed. Thanks to our users Jamie Forsythe, Jeff Sine, Tristan Brown, Drew Pennington, Shawn Frary, MaxLett, Watchmojyguy, Shahmir Abbas, McDonald64 and dannydude21 for submitting the idea through our Suggest Tool at WatchMojo.comSuggest

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Written by Richard Bush

Top 10 Iconic Movie Guns

Cocked, locked, and ready to rock. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 iconic guns in movies.

These are the firearms from the silver screen that stuck in our heads due to their originality or innovation. Oh, and just to be clear, this is exclusive to movies, so no TV guns allowed.

#10: Travis Bickle’s Smith & Wesson Escort
“Taxi Driver” (1976)

When angered former Marine Travis Bickle decides to prepare himself for the dangerous streets of New York, he heads to dealer Easy Andy to lock and load. One of his chosen weapons is the subcompact semi-automatic Smith & Wesson Escort. Bickle takes advantage of its small size by fitting it to the slide rail of a desk drawer and creating a makeshift sleeve-gun. Aside from giving him the element of surprise; this contraption also adds suspense to one classic movie scene, as well as the final shootout.

#9: Guitar Case MAC-10
Robert Rodriguez’s “Mexico Trilogy” (1992-2003)

The trilogy of films that follows “El Mariachi” shares not only a character, but also one pretty special gun-toting apparatus: the guitar case. However, even though these cases tote guns through the first and third movies, it’s “Desperado” that features the most impressive use of the guitar gun: with the cases concealing not only MAC-10s but also – in one case – a rocket launcher, Campa and Quino help El Mariachi take on the bad guys. There’s nothing like seeing a guitar case cocked back and loaded for action.

#8: The Joker’s Smith & Wesson Model 15-3
“Batman” (1989)

The Joker’s arsenal is full of creative weaponry, like acid-shooting flowers, a mechanical boxing glove or an extra-powerful electric hand buzzer. But he has even more treats when it comes to his guns: his most frequent weapon of choice is the Colt New Service. However, can it take down aircraft from the ground with a single bullet? We doubt it. The Joker’s customized Smith & Wesson isn’t just any revolver; it’s a ridiculously long-barreled one that takes down the Batwing with one shot. Who’s laughing now?

#7: M60E3 Machine Gun
“Rambo: First Blood Part II” (1985)

The first Rambo movie was about stealth, but the second’s about shooting first and asking questions never, thanks to the hero’s M60 machinegun. When tasked with the almost-impossible mission of rescuing POWs, John Rambo needs something with more a kick than your average handgun, and the M60E3 allows him to get an even feed of bullets to his weapon by wrapping the ammo belt around his beefy arm. Not only is this gun appropriate for the occasion, but seeing the buff Sly Stallone pop-off rounds with shells flying everywhere is cinema gold.

#6: Ash’s Boomstick
“The Evil Dead” franchise (1981-92)

When deadites come a-knockin’, a decent boomstick is always a handy accessory. Wielded by evil dead fighter Ash Williams, the 12-gauge double-barrel Remington shotgun is the perfect weapon for dispatching the undead with a bang. After sawing off the barrel and strapping the new-and-improved weapon to his back with a leather harness, this shotgun becomes as much of a part of Ash as his chainsaw arm, whether he’s using it to creep out people from the past or blow off limbs.

#5: Auto 9
“RoboCop” (1987)

Tasked with cutting-out crime in Detroit, RoboCop would be nowhere without his trusty pistol. Built into his robotic leg for added quick draw convenience, the Auto 9 machine pistol is RoboCop’s weapon of choice and he can use it with deadly accuracy emplying any number of different kinds of ammo. But what we really love is seeing him spin it around cowboy style, and of course when he effortlessly rules the show at the shooting range.

#4: DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
“Star Wars” saga (1977-)

This hand-held weapon is popular with outlaws and street ruffians; so what better weapon is there for ex-smuggler Han Solo than this piece of “ranged energized particle weaponry”? Though it was his preferred weapon, Han’s blaster was deemed illegal by the Empire due to some prohibited modifications he did to ensure he could draw it as quickly as possible. Of course, this illicit weapon is a match made in heaven for this fast-lipped rebel, who uses the firearm in the infamous and highly disputed “who shot first scene.”

#3: M41A Pulse Rifle
“Aliens” (1986)

Seen in the hands of those fighting the dreaded Xenomorph aliens, the M41A Pulse Rifle is the favored weapon of the U.S. Army of the future, as well as protagonist Ellen Ripley. As the standard-issue rifle, it’s essentially the M16 of the 22nd-century, delivering a reliable assault on swarming aliens. Light, precise and sturdy, it’s easy to see why the authorities would turn to this automatic assault rifle for their human protecting needs. And by looking at it, it’s clear that it takes inspiration from several weapons in today’s world.

#2: .44 Magnum
“Dirty Harry” franchise (1971-88)

Thanks to this franchise, the Smith & Wesson Model 29 is known as “The Most Powerful Handgun in the World.” And in fact, it seems that the only possible gun that could match Clint Eastwood’s rugged voice and attitude in “Dirty Harry” was the legendary .44 Magnum. Used to clean up the streets of San Francisco, Dirty Harry’s sidearm is capable of blasting holes through anything. Not only does this long-barreled hand cannon have great stopping power, it’s also an integral part of one of the greatest movie quotes ever.

Before we reveal our top pick for the most iconic movie firearm, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Samaritan
“Hellboy” franchise (2004-)
- GE M134 Minigun
“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (1991)
- EM-1 Rail Gun
“Eraser” (1996)
- Auto Assault-12 (AA-12) Shotgun
“The Expendables” franchise (2010-)
- M4 Carbine with M203 Grenade Launcher aka Leg Gun
“Planet Terror” (2007)

#1: Walther PPK
“James Bond” franchise (1962-)

You want a gun that’s powerful and easily hidden from your enemies? Well, if you’re James Bond that means you pack a Walther PPK. 007 first swapped his trusty Beretta for the compact Walther Police Pistol Detective Model in 1962’s “Dr. No,” and it’s since become the most famous of his many firearms – in fact, Bond’s use of the pistol has increased its popularity in the real world, too. While the Golden Gun is another iconic gun in the Bond franchise, everybody’s favorite secret agent has remained fairly loyal to this reliable weapon.

Do you agree with our list? What would your movie weapon of choice be? For more fully-loaded Top Tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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