Top 10 MegaMan Robot Masters

In order to take over the world Dr. Wily has built Eight Robot Masters to conquer the planet and make him supreme ruler, when Mega Man defeats him he builds eight more, and then another eight, and again. So with 10 games in the main Megaman series, not counting spinoff's we're taking a look at the best that Wily has put up against the Blue Bomber. Join as we countdown our picks for the top 10 Megaman Robot Masters. Special thanks to our users "TheDanTheManShow" "viliguns" & "ClassicToonFan64" for suggesting this topic on our website WatchMojo.comsuggest!

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They’re the 8-Bit enemies of the blue bomber. Welcome to and today we are counting down the top ten robot masters. For this list, we’ve taken the bosses from the classic Mega Man series of games and ranked them depending on their impact on the series as well as the fanbase. Without further ado, ready your MegaBuster and prepare for a boss battle!

#10: Skull Man
“Mega Man 4” (1991)

Kicking things off is the robot master with a taste for the macabre. Skull Man attacks with shots from his arm cannon, and can generate a skull-shaped energy shield called the Skull Barrier for protection. A rather boneheaded opponent, he only moves or attacks when Mega Man does; making him quite the strategist. If you can get past his defenses, your prize will be his barrier.

#9: Fire Man
“Mega Man” (1987)

Don’t be fooled by the name, this robot master only exists for starting fires. One of the original robot masters, Fire Man was originally built to work in an incinerator at a waste management facility before corrupted by Dr Wily. Able to wield flames that can reach 8000 degrees, he often refers to himself as the “Flame of Justice”, which basically means he wants to roast Mega Man alive. Defeating him earns the Fire Storm, a weapon capable of both impressive offence and defense.

#8: Air Man
“Mega Man 2” (1988)

The highly acclaimed sequel to the original Mega Man game had several awesome bosses. One of them was Air Man, and unlike his namesake, this fight does not blow. Umm … anyways, Air Man's main method of attack is to generate powerful winds with the propeller in his torso- in particular, his Special Weapon, the Air Shooter, can attack foes with rapid a barrages of tornadoes. Be sure to knock out the wind in his sails before you get blown to pieces.

#7: Quick Man
“Mega Man 2” (1988)

Like his namesake, this guy is fast, fast enough to put a lot of other robot masters to shame, and definitely fast enough to keep you on your toes. Aside from his speed, his Special Weapon is the Quick Boomerang, small razor-edged boomerangs that he can rapidly fire from the launcher on his right arm. You’ll need expert timing and sharp skills to catch this boss.

#6: Galaxy Man
“Mega Man 9” (2009)

He doesn’t look that intimidating, but this robot master is no push over. Keeping with the theme of all things out of this world, Galaxy Man will fly and teleport around the stage, like a UFO, before attacking with his special weapon, the Black Hole Bomb, and yes, it is as deadly as it sounds. Get past that, and its matter of blasting away at his health before this robot master gets blown to infinity and beyond.

#5: Cut Man
“Mega Man” (1987)

Another one of the original robot masters, Cut Man is pretty self-explanatory, get too close and you will cut into little blue pieces. With his Rolling Cutter, an extremely sharp pair of scissor-like blades that can be thrown like boomerangs, you’ll have to keep on your toes and attack fast and hard, before Cut Man decides you need a shave that’s perhaps a little too close for comfort.

#4: Elec Man
“Mega Man” (1987)

At the time of his creation, this robot master was hailed as Dr Wily’s greatest creation, with the ability to control lightning and speed that wasn’t dwarfed until Quick Man was created. His Special Weapon, the Thunder Beam, fires off devastating bolts of high-voltage energy in multiple directions, with sufficient power to go through multiple enemies with one shot and even break through solid rocks. Bit of a tip: Use Cutman’s weapon, it makes quick work of him.

#3: Pharaoh Man
“Mega Man 4” (1991)

You may want to reconsider going tomb raiding when you have this robot master waiting for you. A charismatic leader, he apparently enjoys collecting rare treasures and is said to have over one thousand Mummira working for him. Stocking up on your arsenal before facing this boss may be essential. He’ll jump around the stage, firing off his Special Weapon, the Pharaoh Shot, before deciding to land on you, which is equally dangerous. Be careful when dealing with this living fossil.

#2: Guts Man
“Mega Man” (1987)

Along with Cut Man, this construction worker inspired robot master has appeared most of the Mega Man universe. Possessing great physical strength, he’s capable of lifting heavy rocks with little effort. And in battle he uses his Super Arm to throw said rocks at his enemies. He can also use his strength to hit his enemies with a powerful tackle, and make the ground shake with his jumps. Be sure to keep your distance with this one

Before we load up our busters to take on the final boss, he are few robot masters who fell just short of the curb.
Dive Man “Mega Man 4” (1991)
Ice Man “Mega Man” (1987)
Blade Man “Mega Man 10” (2010)
Napalm Man “Mega Man 5” (1992)
Shadow Man “Mega Man 3” (1991)

#1: Metal Man
“Mega Man 2” (1988)

Mega Man 2 was a huge hit for a reason, we like to think Metal Man had a hand it that. He was the first robotmaster built by Dr. Wily created especially for combat against Mega Man. His Special Weapon is the Metal Blade, large and razor-sharp saw blades that he can throw at high speed with deadly accuracy. He’ll leap around the stage and try to carve you into pieces, all the while you’re getting thrown around on a conveyer belt. It’s a great boss battle, one that leaves you with a true sense of satisfaction when you beat him.

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