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Script written by Sean Harris. Formed in 1991 in Manchester, England, Oasis made history in the mid-90s with their debut album “Definitely Maybe.” Their success in the Britpop movement continued with “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?” and the band continued to make alternative rock for years. Band tensions, especially between the Gallagher brothers, eventually broke them up in 2009 but their music lives on. For this list, we’ve chosen our entries based on a combination of the artist’s fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Oasis songs. Special thanks to our users Ethan Evans, ivo.arbanas, Opst3r, aldqbigsquare, Adam Vallance, Paul Gallagher, Ben Jones and couplandz for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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They’re mad for it, and we’re mad for them! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Oasis songs.

For this list, we’ve chosen our entries based on a combination of the artist’s fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs.

#10: “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”
Heathen Chemistry (2002)

Written by Noel Gallagher and performed by his brother Liam, this song’s a pick-me-up for those down-and-out times. Opening with Liam’s call to “hold on” and ending with one last climactic chorus, it’s a reminder that all is not lost and that the stars will shine again. The boys are big football fans, and this song accompanied England’s defeat at the 2002 World Cup – it resonates beyond the world of sport, though, and has lamented itself into our list.

#9: “The Masterplan”
“Wonderwall” single (1995)

Originally a B-side, “The Masterplan” is better than most bands’ A-sides. In fact, Noel has often stated he believes it to be his finest work. Once more balancing between moody and uplifting, it’s a song about the progress of the band, and of life in general. Preaching that “all we know is that we don’t know,” it’s a stoic and philosophical look at the world around us, and an inspiring one at that!

#8: “Whatever”
“Whatever” single (1994)
An early single, but recorded too late for inclusion on the Definitely Maybe album, this track is a real piece of music. About the importance of individuality, and freedom of expression, it’s set against an orchestral backdrop that just keeps playing and playing! The song would fuel many an argument between the Gallagher brothers – as Noel thought Liam couldn’t sing the opening verse – but we’re sure glad they got it together at least once!

#7: “Slide Away”
Definitely Maybe (1994)

Written by Noel for his then-girlfriend, the lengthy “Slide Away” is an early example of the Oasis signature sound. It’s brooding guitars, it’s luxurious solos, it’s rock music with a Manchester accent! The band wanted it released as a single in its own right, but Noel thought it was ridiculous to drop five singles from their first record. That may be true, but one thing’s for sure – these guys had ridiculous talent, and “Slide Away” showcased it.

#6: “Supersonic”
Definitely Maybe (1994)

Not many bands can boast a debut single that was written in a matter of minutes – but Oasis can. Hard drug use is often considered the driving force behind “Supersonic,” the song that laid foundations for all that followed. The lyrics are quite nonsensical, but as Liam growls the song’s leading lines, we’re more than willing to find out; we want to know what this band’s ‘on about’. It was the spark the nineties needed!

#5: “Morning Glory”
(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

With our next track, Noel and the boys take more direct inspiration from a cocaine habit. “Morning Glory” is mirrors, razorblades, and wondering what you did last night. It’s an honest review of the nineties scene, a picture painted whilst under the influence. The timeless refrain is about as cyclical as the lifestyle; the song itself is arousal in the early hours, and a love affair by noon – it’s an instant anthem!

#4: “Champagne Supernova”
(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

The closing track to their Morning Glory album, this song became a huge fan favorite, and regular encore inclusion. Continuing to analyze life as they had done in “The Masterplan,” this time, Oasis boils the question down to one word: “Why?” The lyrics, in general, are hugely ambiguous, but their feeling isn’t lost – they mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people! Supernova is psychedelic, and it’s sensational!

#3: “Wonderwall”
(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

Though it’s written by Noel, Liam takes center stage for the hugely successful, internationally revered “Wonderwall.” One of the most famous records to come out of Britain, the song is about a fictional friend who can save us from ourselves. It’s relatively simple music, but it’s oh-so-effective – there aren’t too many people who don’t know the opening lines, and won’t sing along when they’re played on the radio!

#2: “Don’t Look Back in Anger”
(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

Legend has it Liam had the choice to sing this or “Wonderwall.” He chose the latter, meaning Noel landed one of the best arena rock tracks ever recorded! The older brother’s first big-time outing as lead vocalist, “Don’t Look Back in Anger” is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Heavily influenced by John Lennon, a hero of Noel’s, the opening piano is built around “Imagine,” and some of the lyrics are taken from The Beatle’s memoirs. It’s Gallagher’s song though, and it’s great!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- “Gas Panic!” Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (2000)
- “Acquiesce” “Some Might Say” single (1995)
- “D’You Know What I Mean?” Be Here Now (1997)
- “Cigarettes & Alcohol” Definitely Maybe (1994)
- “The Shock of the Lightning” Dig Out Your Soul (2008)
- “She’s Electric” (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)

#1: “Live Forever”
Definitely Maybe (1994)

Liam’s opening snarl has become one of the most iconic sounds in all of rock music. In the statement track off their debut album, maybe they don’t care about how ‘your garden grows,’ but these boys can certainly play! The Britpop number is heavily distorted, but not at all diluted; it’s a middle finger to grunge music, with an outrageous guitar solo. The sound’s a little haunting, but the lyrics carry hope –Oasis wanted to fly, and they undoubtedly did! ‘Live Forever’ does exactly what it set out to do!

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