Top 10 Video Game Vehicles

Whether it's a flying tank with a jetpack, or a powerful fightership that can take on an entire fleet, we're counting down the vehicles that left an impression on us! These go from the revolutionary, something we'd like to drive or is just plain awesome. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Vehicles in Video Games.

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Top 10 Video Game Vehicles

If you want the most impressive and badass vehicles, one only has to look at what videogames has to offer. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Vehicles in Video Games.

For this list we’re sticking with one vehicle per franchise. We’re also excluding animals, as well as vehicles that did not originate from Video Games, though they’re still awesome.

#10: Slicecycle “Dead Rising 2” (2010)

Kicking off our list is the Do It Yourself Chainsaw Motorcycle. Ideal for mowing through a horde of zombies, it’s built by combining a dirt bike with a chainsaw, which … somehow … results in having 2 chainsaws? … hmm go figure. Perhaps Daryl from The Walking Dead could use some inspiration here, maybe that would make the show worth watching…

#9: Karts “Mario Kart” series (1992-)

Easy to drive and easy to master, these seemingly harmless karts are able to carry a vast array of weapons from banana peals to bolts of lightning and even the dreaded blue turtle shell. And, remarkably, they can still drive perfectly fine after being hit by said weapons. Later installments of the series gave these babies even more versatility, with Mario Kart 7 giving them Hang Gliders and underwater rotors, and #8 giving them anti-gravity devices that allow them to drive on walls and the ceiling. Better buckle up…

#8. The Shogun Executioner “Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3” (2008)

Think of a Japanese anime mech combined with a Tripod from War of the Worlds, and you have this terrifying machine. Armed with 3 energy swords, that can create an electric shockwaves that destroy everything around them. This monstrosity is capable of annihilating pretty much anything by simply walking through it. It may be vulnerable to long range attacks, but still requires a lot of firepower to bring it down.

#7: Slug Gunner “Metal Slug 5” (2003)

Out of all the possible tanks to choose from for this list we can’t overlook this awesome beast. Long story short: it a walking tank with a jetpack. More specifically: It’s armed with a gatling gun, a Tank Turret, and piston powered giant spike that can be used on both infantry and vehicles alike. Also if its moving too slow for you, you can always bring out the retractable tank treads for faster movement. Damn!

#6: Sweet Tooth “Twisted Metal” series (1995-)

The Trademark van of the psychotic clown Needles Kane. A death machine in the form of an Ice Cream truck, it has large piercing spikes on the front bumper, along with retractable missile launchers, front loaded machine guns and a devilish flaming clown face attached to the roof. This is definitely not the icecream truck that Eddie Murphy described from his childhood.

#5: The Scout Buggy “Half Life 2” (2004)

Despite the world being held under an alien occupation, that hasn’t stopped the human race from piecing together one badass vehicle. The perfect the display source engine physics, the fast and lightweight buggy can easily be righted if you happen to flip it over. It is also armed with an experimental particle accelerator weapon on the front dashboard for taking care of alien bugs. And for extra convenience there’s an ammo crate on the back. Verrry nice.

#4: G-6155 Interceptor “Spy Hunter” series (1983)

James Bond may have been the first to get weaponised cars, but he never got a stylish sports car like this one. Armed with twin machine guns on the bonnet along with a gattling gun on the roof, twin missile launchers on the side, and a smoke screen launcher-slash-oil slick launcher in the rear to round off the package. Oh and it can transform into a Speed Boat as well. No big deal.

#3: The Normandy SR-2 “Mass Effect” series (2010-)

Fans argue all day between the Roller Skating Elephant, the Mako, and the glass armoured Hammerhead all day, but we’re giving the nod to the ship that got the most mileage out of the series, or at least its 2nd incarnation. Armed with a Reverse Engineered Reaper Cannon and a nifty stealth system, the Normandy can and will take you anywhere and everywhere you wanna go in the galaxy. Oh, and it’s got a fish tank, you gotta have a fish tank. It misses out on the higher slots since you can’t actually fly the thing yourself, but you do tell it where to go.

#2: Arwing “Star Fox” series (1993-)

This ship is the most dangerous fighter ship ever conceived. Sleek in design and armed with 2 twin laser canons that can be upgraded, along with 9 mini smartbombs, this thing has enough power to take out an entire fleet. It also has a G-Diffusion system allowing for tight turns, not to mention it’s incorrectly named signature maneuver that deflects enemy fire (Do a barrel roll). It’s so versatile that even the most hopeless of pilots can master it.

Before we get to Number #1 lets look at some other vehicles we’d like to take for a spin:

The Destructor
Bone Wagon

#1: Warthog “Halo” Series (2002-)

Taking the top spot is the vehicle that completely redefined videogame vehicles. Bringing revolutionary physics to all terrain driving, this thing has mounted with an anti aircraft or anti tank gun on the back, and has room for up to 3 passengers resulting in pure frantic enjoyment with your friends. Though the warthog plays a key role in every single-player campaign, the sheer amount of unforgettable moments it delivers in multiplayer earns it the top spot on our list. Just don’t let one of your A.I. buddies do the driving.

Do you agree with our list? Which vehicle do you think would win in a gunfight? For more revving Top 10’s published everyday. Make sure you’re subscribe to

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