Top 10 Power Rangers Moments

This intergalactic ninja team has been entertaining for decades. From memorable fights, to aliens and giant robots, this series has it all. For a series that has lasted 20 seasons and over 760 episodes, there is a lot to cover. So to prevent stacking, we’re going to limit our choices to one entry per season. Keep in mind that Mighty Morphin has 3 seasons, so it has a bit of leeway. Join as we count down our to 10 favorite Power Ranger Moments.

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Top 10 Power Rangers Moments

Evil Monsters are destroying the city, who are you gonna call? Welcome to and today we’re count down our to 10 favourite Power RangerMoments.

For a series that has lasted 20 seasons and over 760 episodes, there is going to be a lot to cover. So to prevent stacking, we’re going to limit our choices to one entry per season. Keep in mind that Mighty Morphin has 3 seasons, so it has a bit of leeway.

#10: Rito destroys the Thunderzords “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 3” (1995)

Kicking off our list is the opening of the 3rd season. After Rita’s brother Rito arrives on the moon, he hatches a plan to lure the rangers into their zords then have 4 monsters ambush them. Unable to handle the combined strength against them, a desperate plan to get morepower into the zords backfires and leaves kids with horrific scenes of their favorite robots breaking apart.

#9: Assault on the Power Chamber “Power Rangers Turbo” (1997)

Although Turbo is considered one of the worst seasons by fans, it still has one defining moment in the series. After losing both their Megazord’s and their weapons to just one monster, oh and the sudden departure of Dimitria and the Blue Centurian to help Zordon. Divatox uses this opportunity to launch a relentless assault on the Ranger’s homebase. Safe to say the Rangers were having a pretty bad day.

#8: The Spirit Rangers “Power Rangers: Jungle Fury” (2008)

6th Ranger arrivals seem to come as standard in the series. However Jungle Fury took this trend into overdrive. Starting with only 3 Rangers, adding 2 more later. Instead of a 6th ranger, 3 evil Rangers turned good, harnessed by the spirits of their Kung Fu Masters. Also unlike most seasons the spirit Rangers have no Japanese counterpart, these guys are New Zealand made. Also … one of them is blind, so he gets extra points for badassery.

#7: Wes and Jen’s Goodbye “Power Rangers: Time Force” (2001)

Better seasons of the franchise tend to have a lot of memorable moments, but the one Ranger fans always talk about is the tear jerking moment in the finale. With these 2 falling in love over the length of the series, it was heartbreaking that Jen had to go back to the year 3000 and couldn’t be with Wes. (Show Jen crying) That being said, you could probably hear the shouts of fans around the world with this scene. A HUG? C’MON JUST A HUG? KISS DAMMIT! KIIISSSSSSS!

#6: The Fall and Rise of Tommy “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 2” (1994)

Yep … can’t get a Power Ranger list without mentioning Tommy. With his Green Ranger powers in a weak state for the first half of Season, he’s still able to hold his own against most of Zedd’s monsters, only to see his powers completely tapped. But you can’t keep a good ranger down as he gracefully descends from the sky as the new White Ranger … bonus points when he got another memorable return in Dino Thunder.

#5: The RPM Backstories “Power Rangers RPM” (2009)

RPM has A LOT of memorable moments. But one element of this season that really stood out were each of the main characters hard hitting backstories, Scott lost his brother Summer lost her Butler, Ziggy steals from the mafia and gives to an orphanage. Dr. K has this desperate escape and Flynn … he has this. Yeah you knew this season was gonna be good when you saw these.

#4: The Pink Galaxy Ranger dies Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (1999)

Who saw this coming? In a kids show of all things? With Cassie’s energy being drained by the savage sword, Kendrix does the unthinkable by sacrificing her life to save her, The First Power Ranger to die in the series. Behind the Scenes, Valerie Vernon who played Kendrix had to leave the series after being diagnosed with Leukemia. Thankfully her treatment was successful, and really, you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful write off. Even if her sudden revival makes no sense.

#3: Evil Green Ranger Mighty Morphin Season 1

Yep Tommy makes the list yet again, this time for his debut and for one of the most popular story archs in the franchise history. Lasting 5 episodes we see Tommy hijack the Rangers Megazord, (Show that) Grow giant size and destroy the Megazord with the help of Goldar and Scorpina (Show that) And he gets his own badass zord. (Show the Dragonzord) Truly a sign of greatness that was to come.

#2: Forever Red “Power Rangers: Wild Force” (2002)

The ultimate teamup for the franchise, 10 Red Rangers from all of the seasons prior to Wild Force get together in the ultimate fan service. Lead by Tommy … yeah he makes the list again. This time, the former leaders band together and head to the moon to stop the Machine Empire from excavating Serpentera. (Show Red Explosion) That’s a lot of red.

Before we get to #1 lets look at some other noteworthy moments. The 1 per season rule won’t apply here.

#1: Andros Sacrifices Zordon “Power Rangers in Space” (1998)

Taking the top spot is the climactic moment that tied up all the previous seasons. With Dark Specter’s united army of Rita, Zedd, Divatox and the Machine Empire bringing the galaxy to its knees, Andros, in a desperate effort to find his sister, instead finds Zordon and asks him to do the unthinkable. This was originally intended to be the finale of the series overall. However, the ratings were high enough after In Space that show was renewed, thus earns the top spot on the list.

Do you agree with our list. Let us know what your favourite Power Ranger moments were in the comments. For more powerful Top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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