Top 10 Jon Hamm Moments

Jon Hamm (born March 10th, 1971) hit it big when he landed the role of suave and hunky ad exec Mad Man Don Draper. But, there’s a lot more to this actor than meets the eye (and what does meet the eye looks damn good in a suit): not only are his dramatic acting skills up to par, he’s also got excellent comedic timing – as evidenced by so many guest appearances on TV shows we can’t even list them all. So, if you’re as big a fan of Dr. Drew Baird as you are of Don Draper, then you’re in for a treat. In this video, counts down the top 10 things we love about Jon Hamm.

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Top 10 Jon Hamm Moments

There’s much more to Don Draper than meets the eye. Welcome to, and today we’ll be taking a look at our top ten favorite Jon Hamm moments.

#10 – He’s up for anything (pun intended)

Don Draper loves the ladies. And, as far as we can tell, he does fairly well with them. Jon Hamm has practically made a career of seducing ladies, and we’re the better for it. But then, there’s this guy. Kinda ruins the fantasy, don’t it? Don’t worry: we’ll always have Sergio.

#9 – He can wear a suit

Was Jon Hamm’s birthday suit a tuxedo? Or like, were suits originally designed to make Jon Hamm look amazing? It’s the only explanation we can come up with for how unfairly good he looks in suits. Even fireman suits. Or Army fatigues. Or shirtless on the beach. Thanks to Hamm and his doppelganger Don Draper, we know how men are supposed to dress. Well that hardly seems fair.

#8 – He’s got one of those voices

We could listen to Don Draper talk all day. And sometimes, we have to: Hamm’s voice is everywhere. He’s in Mercedes ads. He’s on cartoons. Like, a lot of cartoons. We do mean a lot of cartoons. Hell, his voice even shows up in random movies. We can’t even concentrate on the gravity of this scene because it’s Don Draper on the phone! Also, his dulcet tones even make insults and interrogations sound fun. But most important, Jon Hamm is the boss. He can sing too? Okay that’s REALLY not fair.

#7 – He can sell anything

With a pitch like that, it’s no wonder Don Draper can sell cigarettes to the masses. Hell, he could probably sell them to kids… See? Well that’s not all he can sell. Never has eating while on the toilet looked so damn classy.

#6 – He’s got the moves

We know he’s kind of abusive, but who wouldn’t want to slow dance with Don Draper. You know what’s even better? This is distracting. But not as distracting as Don Draper shaking his groove thing with a Golden Girl.

#5 – He’s sorta racist

Okay, not really. But he does some pretty interesting and borderline offensive accents. But accents are nothing when you do blackface. Or black hand. Oh no wait, there’s more. Don’t worry: we get it. We love you, Jon Hamm.

#4 – He’s got rage issues

Don Draper’s quiet grace isn’t the only thing that gives him his power – he’s also a mad man, literally. We’ve come to think that maybe Jon Hamm’s got some pent up rage he’s not dealing with. Actually, he may just be taking things out on Michael Buble, and just between you and us, that’s fine.

#3 – He loves sports

Oh we get it Jon Hamm, you’re good at everything: making sales, lovin’ ladies, wearing suits, et cetera. Do you also have to be good at sports? Of course you do. Not only is Hamm a great athlete, and not only does he look great with a backwards cap, he’s also a huge sports fan. We’re talking huge. Even hockey.

#2 – He supports his lady

Running in very sharp contrast to his “Mad Men” character, Hamm has been in a serious relationship since 1997 with actress Jenifer Westfeldt – sorry to disappoint, ladies (…and guys). Not only that, he’s a supportive boyfriend who allows her to have her own career, which – again – is very different than Don. To that end, Hamm has appeared with Westfeldt in two movies she wrote and starred in: in “Kissing Jessica Stein” he plays Mr. Too-good-to-be-true, and he is. And in “Friends with Kids,” he is one mean sonofabitch.

#1 – He’s up for anything (pun not intended)

Between getting his crotch sneezed at by Zach Galifianakis, bathing with Harry Potter, portraying one-half of the Ambiguously Gay Duo, offering adult advice to internet teens, making cameo appearances in otherwise terrible movies, doing a questionable Robin Williams-as-Doc Brown impersonation, going on a road trip with some blue dude, parodying “Tootsie” in an episode of “Children’s Hospital,” making bizarre tech sound effects, remaking the “Simon & Simon” opening credits, or donning a creepy moustache for another part in a random music video, we’ve come to wonder if there’s anything Jon Hamm won’t do. And we hope there isn’t.

These are our favorite Hamm-tastic scenes, but we’re sure we’ve missed a few: which were your favorite Jon Hamm moments? For more top 10s about your favorite celebs, be sure to subscribe to

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