Top 10 Jeff Goldblum Moments

Jeff Goldblum is a weird guy, or at least he’s accustomed to playing them in movies. From his unique manner of speaking to his odd mannerisms to his wide array of hidden talents, we really wish Goldblum were in every movie ever made. Films like "Jurassic Park," "The Fly," and "Independence Day" would never have been the same without this guy, but it’s not only his starring roles that make us love him. No, Goldblum has a penchant for bizarre cameo appearances, as well, and those usually make the movie. In this video, counts down our top 10 favorite Jeff Goldblum moments.

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Trivia: Top 10 Jeff Goldblum Moments

His big break was one line as a neurotic Jew in a film by a neurotic Jew. Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our top 10 favorite Jeff Goldblum moments.

#10 – Jeff Goldblum is A Drunk

It’s well established that Jeff Goldblum is a unique guy, with an even more unique way of speaking. In fact, when slowed down, he sounds like a hammered hobo. Case in point. Well, what weird actor worth his salt hasn’t been made into a meme?

#9 – Jeff Goldblum Confirms His Own Death

You probably remember where you were when you heard Michael Jackson had died. You may not remember that that was the same day Farrah Fawcett died. It’s even less likely you remember that that was also the day Jeff Goldblum fell off a cliff in New Zealand to his death. Okay not really.

#8 – Jeff Goldblum MUST Go Faster

In “Independence Day,” Goldblum plays a highly-articulate four-eyed genius who warns everyone against playing God. In “Jurassic Park,” he plays a highly-articulate four-eyed genius who warns everyone against playing with aliens. In both cases, Jeff Goldblum MUST go faster. Turns out Spielberg was pissed that Goldblum repeated his unique delivery of this line in another movie: but seriously, what would YOU say if you were being chased at close range by dinosaurs or aliens?

#7 – Jeff Goldblum Was the Leader of the Rat Pack

A whole generation of tree-hugging hippies would never be the same once Captain Planet hit Saturday morning airwaves. But Goldblum took his place against the Planeteers as Eco-Villain Verminous Skumm: a humanoid rat out to destroy the world. With pollution. Trademark weird delivery of lines? Check. Typically terrible ‘90s ‘toon puns? Double check.

#6 – Jeff Goldblum Has a Love/Hate Relationship with Aliens

He’s been them. He’s fought them. He’s killed them and been killed by them: Aliens are Goldblum’s muse. Actually, that kind of explains a lot. Blue really is his color, though.

#5 – Jeff Goldblum Thinks You’re a Nerd

For a guy who’s spent half his career playing genius nerd types, he’s quick to judge video game fanatics. As you well know, Goldblum provided the awkward, hilarious voice of reason in “Jurassic Park,” and he reprised the role at the end of “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” video game. Just think: if Jeff Goldblum appeared at the end of every video game imploring gamers to go outside, the world might be a very different place.

#4 – Jeff Goldblum is a Total Badass

Don’t let the hipster glasses fool you: Goldblum can kick butt with the best of ‘em, as evidenced by his first ever movie appearance. Goldblum’s “Death Wish” character is called Freak #1, and what with the raping and the woman-beating and the murdering, we’ve never really wondered why. So, you probably want to stay on his good side, especially when Morpheus is the second most badass guy in the car. And don’t you ever, EVER, challenge him to an arm wrestling match.

#3 – Jeff Goldblum Has Magical Ear Powers

He’s got odd mannerisms galore, and the laugh to end all laughs. Among his many hidden talents are a knack for music and even the ability to show late night talk show hosts the ropes. But his quirkiest quirk is his ears. They may be big, but you need space to hide all the magic.

#2 – Jeff Goldblum is a Musical Genius

Is there anything this guy can’t do? That’s right: aside from being a ladies’ man, a scientist and a cowboy, Jeff Goldblum is also a musician. He’s in a jazz band, sings up a storm and knows just how to tickle the ivories. We could have done without having to watch him on “Glee,” but you can’t win ‘em all.

#1 – Jeff Goldblum is An Accomplished Actor

Okay, we’ve gone over his quirks, his strange talents and his memes, but first and foremost Goldblum is a highly trained actor. He honed his skills on the stage before making it in Hollywood, and soon his oddball, mumble diatribes were the stuff of legend.

What’s your favorite weird Jeff Goldblum moment? For more entertaining trivia videos, be sure to subscribe to

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