Travel Guide: Swaziland

The Kingdom of Swaziland is located in the south of the continent of Africa. The landlocked country boasts a rich and diverse culture, which includes the Incwala ceremony and handicrafts. Thanks to its beautiful natural landscape, it is home to a number of wildlife parks and reserves. During your visit, you'll not only be treated to some of the finest flora and fauna Africa has to offer but also the chance to participate in many different outdoor activities. Accommodations range from luxury resort to budget-friendly residences that get you right in the heart of nature. In this video, learns more about Swaziland.

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This African country is sometimes known as Ngwane. Welcome to, and today we’ll be continuing our travel series with a look at Swaziland.

African Country

Located in Southern Africa, the Kingdom of Swaziland shares its eastern border with Mozambique and all other borders with South Africa. The small, landlocked country has a population of over 1.3 million and covers a total area of almost seven thousand square miles. The climate in Swaziland ranges from tropical to near temperate, and most rain occurs in summer.

Swazi Culture

The country is fortunate to boast a diverse culture, which is celebrated through various ceremonies and rituals. One notable event is the annual Incwala ceremony, in which the Swazi people pray for blessings in full ceremonial dress. The pinnacle of the Festival of the First Fruits is when the King takes the first bite of the new harvest. This symbolizes the renewal of the kingship and demonstrates the importance of the country’s absolute monarchy.


The Swazi people also show off their culture through handicrafts. Be sure to head to the district of Manzini, where you can purchase a number of different traditional handmade wares, ranging from paintings, sculptures, carvings and more.


Geographically, Swaziland is made up mountains, hills and some plains, which makes up for some spectacular scenery and beautiful natural landscapes.

Wildlife Parks and Reserves

In addition, the country is home to multiple wildlife parks and reserves. In order to observe the wildlife, you can participate in a number of activities, such as hiking, mountain biking or guided horse trails. You can even take a self-guided tour. Be on the lookout for zebras, various antelopes, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, giraffes, elephants and rhinos! Swaziland is also home to a number of bird species.

Thrilling Adventures

As another way to see the scenery, thrill-seekers may want to try a white water rafting trip on the Usuthu River. Alternately, you can take a zipline canopy tour at the Malolotja Nature Reserve.

Luxury Accommodations

When it comes to accommodations, Swaziland offers a number of different options, including five star hotels. The Royal Swazi Spa is renowned for its golf courses, while the Summerfield Luxury Resort and Botanical Garden is ideal for those who want an elegant and comfortable retreat while surrounded by the beauty of Southern Africa.

Traditional Accommodations

If that’s not your thing, you can rent a traditional rondavel hut to serve as a holiday cottage during your stay. Or if you’d like to get even closer to nature, you can always try camping!

The Kingdom of Swaziland

Whether you’re into a peaceful and culturally-rich vacation, or are looking to experience African wildlife up close, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Swaziland.

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