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As the center of the film industry, Los Angeles, California is sure to have movie buffs entertained. Whether you're learning more about the business and having the time on your life on some thrilling rides, Universal Studios Hollywood is the place for you. L.A.'s surrounding areas also offers many beaches, where you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the stars. And of course, for the shoppers and fine diners, you've got plenty of choices here too! In this WatchMojo.com video, we take look at some of the top activities you can check out while in Los Angeles, California.

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This city is known as La-La Land. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we're taking a look at some of the top activities you can check out while visiting Los Angeles, California.

Universal Studios

Because Los Angeles is known for being the heart of the film industry in the United States, one of the city’s most exciting attractions is Universal Studios Hollywood. Fun for people of all ages, this movie studio and theme park shows visitors why L.A. is truly the entertainment capital thanks to its tours of film sets, television and movie-themed shows, and fun-filled rides.

Kids and Animals

If you’re looking for other family-friendly activities, and know some animal-lovers, be sure to catch the Animal Planet live show. Or, bring your kids to the Los Angeles Zoo.


Due to Los Angeles’ southern location and its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the beach is never too far away. On L.A.'s west side, there’s the Venice Beach neighborhood where you'll find vendors and performers on the boardwalk. If you'd like to get back in shape while taking in the sun, then you can lift some weights at Muscle Beach Venice's weight pen. You can also try surfing and yoga while you're enjoying the sand and sea!

Rich and Famous Beach Locations

For other beautiful beach locations, you can go to Santa Monica or Malibu. These Los Angeles County cities are also known for the many rich and famous celebrities who call them home, ranging from businesspeople to movie stars.


For some of the best in upscale shopping there is the city of Beverly Hills, where celebrity residents revel in luxury. But if you’d like something a little different, there's the Fisherman's Village waterfront mall in Marina Del Rey. You can also try The Grove mall so you can stay outdoors while you shop.


The Grove is linked by tram to the Farmers Market. If you're getting a little hungry after spending all that money, you're sure to satisfy your cravings with the variety of foods available there!


L.A. is not lacking when it comes to great food and fine dining. Many of the city’s hotels have their own restaurants, and you can try cuisines from various countries at other establishments. For a taste of Italy, there's the Locando de Lago restaurant. For some Asian flavors, you can experience the best of Chinese food in Chinatown or Vietnamese fare at Tiato Market Garden Cafe.

The Place to Be

Whether you’re into movies, thrilling rides, sandy beaches, luxury shopping or delicious food, you’re sure to be entertained while you’re in Los Angeles, California.

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