About WatchMojo Founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan
About WatchMojo Founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan

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WatchMojo.com was founded in 2006 by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan. After getting his first exposure to online media at one of the first three metasearch engines in early 2000, Ashkan joined AskMen.com in its infancy and took the nascent site from $0 in sales to nearly $5M in yearly revenues and 10M unique users, culminating with the sale to IGN Entertainment, today AskMen.com is part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. While there, he wrote over 500 articles under various pen names and was published on AOL and MSN. He also interviewed prominent newsmakers and celebrities such as Joe Montana, Hugh Hefner and others. Mainly, he closed large advertising deals with marketers and ad agencies.

In 2006, Ashkan set up Mojo Supreme to pursue his interests in search, content, advertising and video. Of the many products that Mojo Supreme incubated, WatchMojo.com took off and today the video content company boasts a library of over 8,000 premium videos and has streamed over 1,600,000 videos all-time (as of July 2013). The company is profitable and has never raised money from outside investors but counts major media companies as licensing clients and marketers as advertising clients.

Throughout, Ashkan has been published on MediaPost, PaidContent, TechCrunch, GigaOm, Yahoo! Finance, Washington Post, Seeking Alpha. Additionally, he has been quoted in Business Week, CNET, Forbes, etc. He has appeared on a number of television and radio interviews on a wide array of topics ranging from business to entertainment and sports.

He is also author of Course To Success: Everything You Need to Succeed Beyond School in January 2002 (published in September 2002) and The Confessions of Alexander the Great: 33 Lessons in Greatness in July 2004 (published in November 2004). He holds a degree in Finance and spends time in Montreal and New York City.

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