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"We are very impressed with WatchMojo’s ability to execute complex video strategies. The WatchMojo team is flexible and accommodating when it comes to last minute campaign changes and client requests.  They consistently and effectively deliver positive results for our clients and continue to exceed our expectations."
Travis St. Denis, Director of Social Influence and Media & Digital Lead at MEC Global, Coors

"WatchMojo has been extremely effective for us: our media on the Network received the highest CTR and ROI among all advertising partners, including major ad networks and established online publishers, and we were very happy with how quickly and effectively they distributed the videos we produced for our Closet Confessions initiative."
Hillary Townsend, marketing manager, Bluefly

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WatchMojo offers marketers the ability to leverage our extensive content library and distribution network to cost effectively integrate the power of online video in their marketing mix: -

- All time: 400,000,000 click-to-play streams; 425,000,000 auto-play contextual streams.
- Monthly: 37,000,000 click-to-play streams; up to 100,000,000 auto-play contextual streams.

With a catalog of 7,500 premium videos and a distribution network reaching 25,000,000 consumers per month online and an additional 50,000,000 consumers per month in the out-of-home digital network space, WatchMojo's video library is one of the most extensive and varied and offers multiple solutions to advertisers. Click HERE to see Case Studies.

In addition to our online reach - over 825,000,000 all-time streams - WatchMojo can also place your ads in front of

> 40,000,000 consumers each month in the out-of-home digital dignage market and
> 1,000,000 mobile users.

For any Advertising Inquiries, email or call Dave Woodley at 1-718-974-5218

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