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WatchMojo runs the 10th largest YouTube channel of all time with 13 million subscribers & 7 billion all-time views; only 9 channels can claim larger metrics (and 6 of those are VEVO channels)! Indeed, our Mojoholics spend 1.7 billion minutes watching 300 million videos each month! Our audience on WatchMojo consists largely of millennial men, while our newer channel MsMojo serves millennial women.

1) I represent an ad network/ad exchange, I'd like to run ads on We don't work with ad networks or ad exchanges, and we don't only run campaigns on As we generate 99% of our volume on our and channels, we only bundle in ads on to advertisers who run campaigns with us on our YouTube channels. The minimum CPMs are above $25 for large campaigns. +

2) Can you review my product/service? I am willing to pay a fee. We would never - and we mean never - take money to write a review. Moreover, we don't even run reviews. If however you'd like to promote your service or product in a relevant Top 10 list, Versus clip, or episode of Deconstructed, we can develop a package based on that. +

3) How do sponsorships work? If I pay you can you include my product or service in the list as an entry? No. We separate "church from state."
While we can put a sponsor message book-ending a top ten list, we can't and won't let a sponsor create their own top ten list, OR place a sponsor anywhere in a top ten list.
We can create an objective top 10 list featuring a sponsor if it makes sense (i.e. if the Las Vegas Tourism board wants to promote Las Vegas, we would be fine to create a Top 10 Things to do in Las Vegas, but editorially we would have total independence and final say).

We can also work with a sponsor to utilize our studio team to create custom content for them, not limited too:
Original series
On Site Shoots
Specific Top Ten's about their product/service (i.e. again, the Vegas example, provided it's clearly stated that there is an entity sponsoring the list)

4) How many views can I expect? On average, our videos receive:
100,000-300,000 views in first 24 hours
150,000-500,000 views in first 72 hours
200,000-1,500,000 views first 30 days.
Of course, some of our videos have generated 25,000,000 and more and most of our videos remain popular - and grow in popularity - over time.

5) What about social media? We have a decent and growing presence on Twitter and Facebook (200,000 fans and growing), but YouTube is our main platform with 12,000,000 subscribers! +

For additional information please contact Dave Woodley @ or call 718-974-5218